This article shall come into force as from the National Congress of 2010.

The National Congress is organized every year by the Board and must be articulated on Free communications and / or related to themes chosen by the Assembly of the Ordinary Members. It may also include Round Tables, Lectures, Symposia Satellite Symposia and Kindred with other Associations or Society? Scientific.

The President in office of the Company is also President of the Congress.
E ‘task of the Executive Council:

– appoint the Local Organizing Committee;
– Appoint the Scientific Committee of the Congress which will be part of the Executive Council members, the Coordinator and not more than three members of the Local Organizing Committee, elected by the Committee.

Abstracts of Communications must be submitted to the Scientific Committee four months before the Congress.
Communications will be selected anonymously with evaluation grids prepared by the Scientific Committee.
Will be privileged communications with case studies data sent from centers that provide their data to the Company Registry.
They will participate in the National Congress also experts of foreign nationality after a special screening of the Scientific Committee.
It will print a collection of summaries relating to the presentations at the Congress, to be delivered to the shareholders at the time of the Congress.
Authors of the selected communications for the National Congress will be asked to send the complete job of preparing the Italian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (IJVES) worth of no-show during the congress. The expiry date will be fixed from time to time.

It is the task of the Executive Council to establish contacts with companies in the sector, adjusting their presence as a sponsor of the Society The National Congress.
Industries will be allowed to support altresଠsatellites symposiums.

The economic balance of the Congress must be submitted to the General Meeting the following year at the same time the Company’s financial statements.
The Secretariat of the Company will be responsible for accreditation practices for ECM and scientific relationships with participants in the Congress, as well as being the Secretariat, for events not assigned.


It will promote and / or coordinate through the Executive Council, Congress sponsored by the Company and in particular it will promote single-issue meetings and / or interdisciplinary. The content of these meetings can be collected in installments to be published as all’IJVES supplements.
The patronage of the congress activities and update must be requested to the Executive Council as per specific Regulation.


they will be set up committees formed by at least three members, one of which is part of the Executive Council and the other chosen by the Executive Council in relation to skills. They will be renewed upon expiration of the mandate of the Executive Council. The members of these committees can be reappointed.

  • A) Committee for the Registry of the welfare activities
    The committee must be part Ordinary members with the aim of organizing the National Registries of welfare activities and data collection. The task of the Committee will be to establish, as a priority, the methods of collection and dissemination of the data, with the approval of the Executive Council.
  • B) Committee for Relations with the Ministry of Education.
    Given the objective to establish relationships with ministerial commissions operating in the University and to maintain constant contact with MURST to solicit the performance of any legislative University practice it is appointed special committee. They are appointed by the Board representatives of Ordinary Members that in addition to account of such assets will be available to shareholders and report regularly official journal or other means on how much new happens in the university sector.
  • C) Committee for Relations with the Ministry of Health.
    A Committee is to maintain relations with the Ministry of Health and the Ministerial Committees of the various sectors. They are appointed by the Board Members who will have to make against on such assets and shall be available to shareholders. also they have to report regularly official journal or other means of what happens back in the hospital sector, pertaining to the implementation and the health planning. The two committees B) and C) can be merged to common problems.
  • D) Committee for Relations with related companies National and Foreign This Committee will have to take care of the connections and relationships with other National Societies and Foreign of the same specialty or related branches. 3. STUDY GROUPSThey can consist of study groups for specific purposes on the basis of detailed proactive protocols.
    And ‘it provided the figure of the Study Group Coordinator recognized by the Board of Directors of the Company
    Its study protocol must be screened and approved by the Executive Board on the proposal of the Study Group Coordinator. The duration of the study group should be bound to the duration of the study protocol.
    They are intended, in this sense, even national and international trials.
    Any funding to be managed by the study group with the ratification of the Board of the Company


    The scientific official organ published in the Company’s press is the Italian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery (IJVES). The Board agrees with the Chief Editor editorial objectives, the method of dissemination and implementation and ratification of the members of the Editorial Board of which will be part of at least three directors in office.
    The electronic official organ is the website. The appointment CD an editorial committee that sees to content and updates.
    The Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery Archive and is confirmed as the official organ of the Federation of Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac and Vascular.
    The Board appoints the members of the Scientific Committee vascular who later intend confirmed unless reasoned amendments to be submitted to the shareholders.


    The annual membership fee is 150 Euros.
    The treasurer is represented by a commercial studio.
    Capital management will be carried out as expressed in the Statute.
    E ‘task of the Governing Council also raise funds through collaboration with Supporting Members or private companies.
    The capital funds will be used not only for the ordinary management of the Company in the interest of shareholders, to organize scientific events, cultural or media to set up awards and scholarships and how many other activities that require subsidies in the opinion of the Executive Council.
    The meetings of the Executive Council will be held preferably at the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Company only in this case will be reimbursed only of the travel expenses of members of the Board.

    The Board


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