The SICVE was founded in Rome in 1997. The aim of the Society is to encourage and promote the activities, studies and research in the field of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. The goal is to be achieved by facilitating the development and knowledge of the specialty; coordinating the means to strengthen its application and promoting modern methods of study and treatment of arterial vascular disease, venous and lymphatic; promoting the exchange of ideas between students of this surgical discipline, coordinating collaborations and safeguarding the prestige and professional interests. Members who have joined the Company have more than 1,000 vascular surgeons.

The task

The SICVE organized in 2000 the first National Congress. Annually this is the main Italian event to review progress on the state of the specialty. The latest editions have seen more than 1100 subscribers per issue, specialists who have compared research, studies, case reports. main goal: the best possible care for the patient’s vasculature.

The SICVE promotes studies, research and sponsors congresses. He works also in collaboration with other scientific societies, Italian and international. Recent and important scientific exchanges with the European Society of Vascular Surgery.

also Fundamental the SICVE activities to colleagues of other specialties and patients themselves, against whom a careful once communication is activated to a correct perception of the figure of the surgeon vascular. In this sense is the recent renewal of the Internet site that allows you to leverage the latest methods of the digital age to promote communication among the members inside and outside with other scientific societies and institutions.

The vascular surgeon

the vascular surgeon is a specialist who deals with all circulatory problems, arterial and venous, excluding the heart. It has an extremely wide field of specialization, because cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, yet most of the tumors, and most of this mortality is precisely linked to poor circulation. The figure of the vascular specialist is often mistakenly attributed competence only for the treatment of venous disease. In fact much of its activity is inherent to serious diseases of the arterial circulatory system.

Four areas of intervention of the vascular surgeon:

  • stenoostruttiva pathology of the carotid, for the prevention and treatment of stroke.
  • aneurysmal pathology in a broad sense, ie not only of thoracic aneurysms, thoracoabdominal or abdominal, but also of the entire aneurysmal disease of the peripheral vessels.
  • stenoostruttiva device Pathology of the lower limbs, so critical ischemia, limb bailouts, treatment of diabetic foot, and then the fields that are becoming common, as vulnologia, ie treatment of vascular ulcers.
    Access for hemodialysis, arteriovenous fistulas from simple to more complex loop.
  • venous pathology, then all acute venous insufficiency problems (phlebitis) and chronic, including varicose veins.

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